Why Power Capital?

Strategic understanding

  • Power Capital blends corporate finance, technical and commercial expertise to provide incisive perspectives on energy businesses.

Knowledge and leverage

  • Project-related knowledge, experience and connections enable Power Capital to offer a solution tailored to the requirements of each client’s project.

Independent arbiter

  • Power Capital is independent and provides objective advice to its clients.

Measurable value creation

  • Our unparalleled knowledge across a broad range of disciplines enables Power Capital to create tangible value for its clients.

Integrated with client

  • Clients have uninterrupted access to Power Capital’s most senior and experienced advisors on their projects. The team is fully integrated with the client and provides a seamless service.

Cultural perspective

  • Our multi-cultural and multi-lingual team, with experience of transactions throughout the world, is ideally placed to assist clients to enter into new markets.

Passion for energy

  • Our team has lived and breathed energy for over 100 years – we are simply enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it.

Creative force

  • Power Capital’s entrepreneurial creativity and breadth of experience permits us to better respond to clients’ needs within a dynamic and ever changing energy market.